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Let’s Share Bestsellers! 

Each life has a story share your life story(past or present) in comments in not more than 50 words. Reblog this blog to know lots of stories around you. Some will inspire you and some will resemble yours. 

Here is mine-

A simple introvert girl who once fell in love, got married to her love and now has a beautiful extension of her love. Roles changed, responsibilities increased, decided to stay at home for her baby but didn’t want to lose touch with the world. Blogging came to her rescue.

Share yours in comments… Waiting to know you more 🙂 



A Stay-at-home-Mom discovering myself more each day with multiple roles of a mother, wife and daughter-in-law. An art and craft lover, believer of DIYs, an amateur in kitchen, an avid reader and a casual writer. Recently developed the love for blogging and I am loving every bit of it. I am a girl with dreams of travelling the world to appreciate nature and understand different people.I belong to India and want to connect to the world through blogging. I write to express myself as the words on my paper carry the power of my emotions ,feelings and thoughts. Follow this everyday journey of my learnings, fears, challenges, craziness, perception. Would love to know about your experiences too!:)

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