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Baby’s Sensitive Skin

I was a very scared new mother as soon as I came back home from hospital with my baby, I am sure I was like many other new moms. Nothing at all should happen to the little human I gave birth to. He was my responsibility. My heart skipped a beat when anyone who visited us held him the way I would not approve of and I shouted at them in my head to leave my baby where he was but instead “Please be careful” could only escape from my mouth. My little cuddle bunny looked so beautiful and delicate every time I laid my eyes on him. My mother-in-law bathed him the next day we came home and I could just not believe how fragile his skin looked with all the small wrinkles that covered his body. I was not ready to use just any product on him how much ever good company it may be.

The day he turned four days old he developed a big mosquito-bite type of thing at the side of his elbow. At first we thought it might have been a mosquito-bite but it didn’t disappear at all for days, instead it increased. And the scared and worried mom jumped up in me to act. I didn’t know what to avoid as he had such a sensitive skin. Eventually it faded away after two weeks of visit to a doctor. What it left in my mind was how harsh is our environment for our little ones who came out of such nourished and protective homes.
Rashes being the most common problem among babies can range from mild to severe results. I was very apprehensive at first to make my child wear diapers for the first three months except when I had to take him out. I was ready to wash around 50 cloth nappies but I had this image of rashes in my mind as soon as I thought of diapers. After pooping the whole day even in cloth nappies he developed mild rashes so making him wear diapers was a big no for me. After three months I started diapers during night only. And yes he started getting rashes that were so bad that he cried at the top of his voice when I cleaned after he pooped. It is so difficult to take care of the most beautiful and sensitive thing in this world, that is a baby’s skin.
You just cannot avoid such issues that occur as their skin is ultra sensitive to the outside environment as anything in the air can be an irritant to their newly formed delicate skin. Here are few points that might help:
  • It is really necessary to make the kids wear very comfortable and light cotton clothes.
  • Kindly do not overdo the clothes just to make the baby look cute, even if you are going out.
  • Always wash new clothes properly before making the baby wear them as the chemicals that coat the clothes harm the baby’s ultra sensitive skin.
  • Avoid using scented products on the baby’s skin.
  • DO NOT use products made for adults. Use only baby specific products.
  • Try and keep baby’s bottom as dry as possible, wetness leads to fungal infections.
  • If you find any product causing irritating the baby’s skin Stop using it immediately and visit a doctor if severe.
  • To avoid losing skin moisture bathe the baby twice or thrice a week, other days you can give a sponge bath.
  • Never use Baby sunscreens for babies under 6 months of age.
  • Give your baby some Diaper-free time.


A Stay-at-home-Mom discovering myself more each day with multiple roles of a mother, wife and daughter-in-law. An art and craft lover, believer of DIYs, an amateur in kitchen, an avid reader and a casual writer. Recently developed the love for blogging and I am loving every bit of it. I am a girl with dreams of travelling the world to appreciate nature and understand different people.I belong to India and want to connect to the world through blogging. I write to express myself as the words on my paper carry the power of my emotions ,feelings and thoughts. Follow this everyday journey of my learnings, fears, challenges, craziness, perception. Would love to know about your experiences too!:)

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