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She Chose To Be A Mom, To Know A Mother

It was 7 in the morning Trisha went for a Sunday walk like always as it was the only day she could take out time for herself from the busy week she always had. She was enjoying the peace and serenity of the morning breeze, sipping water sitting on a bench by the beach, when she noticed something. She saw a little girl fumbling with a bush some feet away, as if she was hiding something. She must be around 5 years old with a dark complexion. The girl wore a dress that a daughter of a rich man would have worn on her birthday party, now abandoned and covered in grime and dirt. Her hair lost the black color from some parts and had hues of dirty brown and golden . She was not wearing anything in her feet, Trisha noticed. The little girl might not have had a bath since a few days. But what was it she was hiding!! Trisha decided not to disturb her and continued her walk. She went home and thought about that little girl and realized that she had seen her earlier also during her Sunday walks.

Sunday ended and her routine week started. Trisha was a 25 year old girl who was staying alone in a rented 1 bhk flat. She didn’t have her parents as they died when she was 6. Since then her relatives took care of her. She left their house when she turned 19, to work. They never called her back so she never looked back. Her experience with them was not good so she was happy alone. She earned enough to sustain herself.

Another Sunday came and she went for her walk, this time her eyes searching for that little girl. She couldn’t find her but as soon as she was about to leave that girl came running and again started hiding something on the same spot.

This continued for many Sundays until one day Trisha decided to talk to her. She approached her while the girl was digging the ground and said “Hi”. The girl got frightened and she ran away. Unwillingly Trisha started digging the spot because of her curiosity. There she found some coins and notes, she put the soil back as it was and left. She eagerly waited for another Sunday. Now it was more than just a walk for her. She spotted the girl sitting alone under a tree and sat beside her.

“Please don’t run away. I want to talk to you. Don’t be scared”.

The girl felt comfortable looking at a smiling face at her. Trisha asked her few questions to know her better and got answers in a timid voice.

She said her name was Kaali as everyone around her called her that because of her complexion. Some people also called her Chhoti and some Munni. Trisha asked ” What is the name your father and mother gave you?”

Snap came the reply, “I don’t have father and mother.” Trisha fell silent and could see her own self in that little girl. She promised to meet her every Sunday at the same place and spend time with her.

She worked the whole week and dedicated her Sundays to Kaali. Actually Trisha preferred calling her Munni. Now Trisha and Munni, both had a meaning to their Sundays.

One day Trisha thought of taking her home for lunch. She asked her to stay for the night as it was very hot outside. She took good care of her. Few times Munni came t her place but one day she left few coins and notes at Trisha’s table before leaving in the morning. The next time Trisha asked her the reason to leave the money. Munni said in a very mature tone,”That big fat kaka who sits at the signal always says – nobody in this world does anything for free and everyone wants money. You fed me, made me sleep under a fan so I kept money for it”. Trisha was dumbstruck at this reply. This little innocent soul has understood this world at an age where children don’t even know what money is.

Trisha asked her, “Do you like being with me?” Munni gave her a big smile and nodded as a Yes.

“Will you stay with me forever?” Munni didn’t understand that. Trisha re-framed her question. “Can I be your mother and you be my daughter and we stay together?” Munni got puzzled as didn’t know how could her didi be her mother.

Trisha said “You can stay here and you do not have to give me money for it. You do not have to sleep on the roads or hide your money and listen to kids calling you Kaali”. Munni was thrilled hearing this and hugged her tight.

A Mother was being born in a girl who never knew what a mother is like.

Trisha didn’t think about the expenses or the so-called society or the legal aspects before taking this decision. It just came from her heart.

She wanted a daughter who could make her meet the mother she never had. She wanted to be a mother the little girl never had.

They were a perfect match for each other. Trisha that day gave her a new name, Disha(meaning Direction). As she was the new direction of her not so meaningful life. A mother-daughter relationship sprouted out of nowhere.

She had a word with her lawyer friend about Disha and asked for the formalities she would have to fulfil to adopt her. She was told it is not at all an easy task for an unmarried girl to adopt a child when she only earns enough for herself. But Trisha was determined to be a mom. She wanted to share her life journey with Disha.

She looked for another high paying job. Worked harder. She took a very good care of the girl as she was the purpose of her life now. She could do anything and everything for her. That is what mothers do!  She was experiencing her mother in herself now.

After four years of working hard and fighting to for her daughter she was granted the permission to adopt her. That was the best day for both of them.They went out on a date and Trisha said, ” People think today you became my daughter but I became your mother the day you hugged me. I didn’t give birth to you but you gave birth to a mother in me. I love you baby.”

“I love you too Mumma”. And she gave Trisha a big hug.

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