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While waiting at the Dinner Table

As she waited for her son to come back and have dinner with her, she realized that the college was supposed to be closed today. He said that he will be a little late as he will go out for coffee with friends after college. Why would he lie to her about going to college, this was the first time such thing happened. She got a little worried and thought about it a lot. They both shared an amazing relation since his childhood. He shared everything with her. She lost her husband after two days her son turned 11. They both have been each other’s support since then. She had very little to talk about but was always eager to listen to her son’s talks. She was a very loving and liberal mom.

“Maybe he has a girlfriend now and he doesn’t want to share this with me. They might have gone for a date”, she thought to herself. “But why would he lie to me about such a thing, I have never stopped him from doing anything.”

“Or maybe he has started doing something wrong that he is afraid to tell me,” she thought out loud with sweat dripping from her forehead with fear.

“Maybe he has his own new world now and I am not an important part of it. Maybe that is why he didn’t bother to tell me anything today.” Her mind was taking her to new levels.

“Maybe..” And the door bell rang. Her son entered and greeted her with a big smile but what she was thinking stopped her from smiling.

“What happened Maa?” he asked.

“The college was closed today. Why did you lied to me that you are going to attend your lectures?” She said controlling the lump in her throat as the last thought was still lingering in her mind.

“Oh that! Don’t worry about it. I will tell you when the time comes.” He said while moving towards his room.

This reply shattered her. Her fears were coming to life.

He asked his mom to sit at the dining table and he will join her after changing. She sat there with so much going in her mind. Every minute a new thing came to her and she tried convincing herself to be practical now and her son will not be hers for life. She was very scared as she didn’t want to be lonely. As she thought to herself half an  hour slipped like sand.

He came out of the room singing,”Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To Dear Maa, Happy Birthday To You,” and he handed her a small box with a ribbon as the clock struck 12.

“You wanted to know why I lied. I lied because I wanted to get this gift for you and I needed time for it as it had to be special like you.” He said.

She couldn’t believe her eyes as she herself forgot her birthday that she remembered till last afternoon.

He gave her a tight hug but she was engulfed with guilt of overthinking and doubting her son but this was soon taken over by immense love for him.

They sat together, opened the gift, had cake and dinner. Talked for hours and he slept in her lap like he did as a child. Then the mother-son love was sealed with a kiss on his forehead.




A Stay-at-home-Mom discovering myself more each day with multiple roles of a mother, wife and daughter-in-law. An art and craft lover, believer of DIYs, an amateur in kitchen, an avid reader and a casual writer. Recently developed the love for blogging and I am loving every bit of it. I am a girl with dreams of travelling the world to appreciate nature and understand different people.I belong to India and want to connect to the world through blogging. I write to express myself as the words on my paper carry the power of my emotions ,feelings and thoughts. Follow this everyday journey of my learnings, fears, challenges, craziness, perception. Would love to know about your experiences too!:)

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