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While waiting at the Dinner Table

As she waited for her son to come back and have dinner with her, she realized that the college was supposed to be closed today. He said that he will be a little late as he will go out for coffee with friends after college. Why would he lie to her about going to college, this was the first time such thing happened. She got a little worried and thought about it a lot. They both shared an amazing relation since his childhood. He shared everything with her. She lost her husband after two days her son turned 11. They both have been each other’s support since then. She had very little to talk about but was always eager to listen to her son’s talks. She was a very loving and liberal mom.

“Maybe he has a girlfriend now and he doesn’t want to share this with me. They might have gone for a date”, she thought to herself. “But why would he lie to me about such a thing, I have never stopped him from doing anything.”

“Or maybe he has started doing something wrong that he is afraid to tell me,” she thought out loud with sweat dripping from her forehead with fear.

“Maybe he has his own new world now and I am not an important part of it. Maybe that is why he didn’t bother to tell me anything today.” Her mind was taking her to new levels.

“Maybe..” And the door bell rang. Her son entered and greeted her with a big smile but what she was thinking stopped her from smiling.

“What happened Maa?” he asked.

“The college was closed today. Why did you lied to me that you are going to attend your lectures?” She said controlling the lump in her throat as the last thought was still lingering in her mind.

“Oh that! Don’t worry about it. I will tell you when the time comes.” He said while moving towards his room.

This reply shattered her. Her fears were coming to life.

He asked his mom to sit at the dining table and he will join her after changing. She sat there with so much going in her mind. Every minute a new thing came to her and she tried convincing herself to be practical now and her son will not be hers for life. She was very scared as she didn’t want to be lonely. As she thought to herself half an  hour slipped like sand.

He came out of the room singing,”Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To Dear Maa, Happy Birthday To You,” and he handed her a small box with a ribbon as the clock struck 12.

“You wanted to know why I lied. I lied because I wanted to get this gift for you and I needed time for it as it had to be special like you.” He said.

She couldn’t believe her eyes as she herself forgot her birthday that she remembered till last afternoon.

He gave her a tight hug but she was engulfed with guilt of overthinking and doubting her son but this was soon taken over by immense love for him.

They sat together, opened the gift, had cake and dinner. Talked for hours and he slept in her lap like he did as a child. Then the mother-son love was sealed with a kiss on his forehead.


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Stubborn Stains

She tried washing off the red marks after they made love so passionately
But the stubborn stains refused to leave the scented white shirt.

The wine gave her another memory to keep

As he left her again to fight for his country.

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She Chose To Be A Mom, To Know A Mother

It was 7 in the morning Trisha went for a Sunday walk like always as it was the only day she could take out time for herself from the busy week she always had. She was enjoying the peace and serenity of the morning breeze, sipping water sitting on a bench by the beach, when she noticed something. She saw a little girl fumbling with a bush some feet away, as if she was hiding something. She must be around 5 years old with a dark complexion. The girl wore a dress that a daughter of a rich man would have worn on her birthday party, now abandoned and covered in grime and dirt. Her hair lost the black color from some parts and had hues of dirty brown and golden . She was not wearing anything in her feet, Trisha noticed. The little girl might not have had a bath since a few days. But what was it she was hiding!! Trisha decided not to disturb her and continued her walk. She went home and thought about that little girl and realized that she had seen her earlier also during her Sunday walks.

Sunday ended and her routine week started. Trisha was a 25 year old girl who was staying alone in a rented 1 bhk flat. She didn’t have her parents as they died when she was 6. Since then her relatives took care of her. She left their house when she turned 19, to work. They never called her back so she never looked back. Her experience with them was not good so she was happy alone. She earned enough to sustain herself.

Another Sunday came and she went for her walk, this time her eyes searching for that little girl. She couldn’t find her but as soon as she was about to leave that girl came running and again started hiding something on the same spot.

This continued for many Sundays until one day Trisha decided to talk to her. She approached her while the girl was digging the ground and said “Hi”. The girl got frightened and she ran away. Unwillingly Trisha started digging the spot because of her curiosity. There she found some coins and notes, she put the soil back as it was and left. She eagerly waited for another Sunday. Now it was more than just a walk for her. She spotted the girl sitting alone under a tree and sat beside her.

“Please don’t run away. I want to talk to you. Don’t be scared”.

The girl felt comfortable looking at a smiling face at her. Trisha asked her few questions to know her better and got answers in a timid voice.

She said her name was Kaali as everyone around her called her that because of her complexion. Some people also called her Chhoti and some Munni. Trisha asked ” What is the name your father and mother gave you?”

Snap came the reply, “I don’t have father and mother.” Trisha fell silent and could see her own self in that little girl. She promised to meet her every Sunday at the same place and spend time with her.

She worked the whole week and dedicated her Sundays to Kaali. Actually Trisha preferred calling her Munni. Now Trisha and Munni, both had a meaning to their Sundays.

One day Trisha thought of taking her home for lunch. She asked her to stay for the night as it was very hot outside. She took good care of her. Few times Munni came t her place but one day she left few coins and notes at Trisha’s table before leaving in the morning. The next time Trisha asked her the reason to leave the money. Munni said in a very mature tone,”That big fat kaka who sits at the signal always says – nobody in this world does anything for free and everyone wants money. You fed me, made me sleep under a fan so I kept money for it”. Trisha was dumbstruck at this reply. This little innocent soul has understood this world at an age where children don’t even know what money is.

Trisha asked her, “Do you like being with me?” Munni gave her a big smile and nodded as a Yes.

“Will you stay with me forever?” Munni didn’t understand that. Trisha re-framed her question. “Can I be your mother and you be my daughter and we stay together?” Munni got puzzled as didn’t know how could her didi be her mother.

Trisha said “You can stay here and you do not have to give me money for it. You do not have to sleep on the roads or hide your money and listen to kids calling you Kaali”. Munni was thrilled hearing this and hugged her tight.

A Mother was being born in a girl who never knew what a mother is like.

Trisha didn’t think about the expenses or the so-called society or the legal aspects before taking this decision. It just came from her heart.

She wanted a daughter who could make her meet the mother she never had. She wanted to be a mother the little girl never had.

They were a perfect match for each other. Trisha that day gave her a new name, Disha(meaning Direction). As she was the new direction of her not so meaningful life. A mother-daughter relationship sprouted out of nowhere.

She had a word with her lawyer friend about Disha and asked for the formalities she would have to fulfil to adopt her. She was told it is not at all an easy task for an unmarried girl to adopt a child when she only earns enough for herself. But Trisha was determined to be a mom. She wanted to share her life journey with Disha.

She looked for another high paying job. Worked harder. She took a very good care of the girl as she was the purpose of her life now. She could do anything and everything for her. That is what mothers do!  She was experiencing her mother in herself now.

After four years of working hard and fighting to for her daughter she was granted the permission to adopt her. That was the best day for both of them.They went out on a date and Trisha said, ” People think today you became my daughter but I became your mother the day you hugged me. I didn’t give birth to you but you gave birth to a mother in me. I love you baby.”

“I love you too Mumma”. And she gave Trisha a big hug.

Shared Journeys

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The Day He Came Home Drunk!!

Rashi was waiting for Rachit’s phone call  as he always calls as soon as he leaves from office everyday without fail. Her eyes were constantly stopping at the wall clock while she was feeding her baby. Maybe he is stuck in some work and had to extend, she thought to herself. Singing to her child she put her to sleep and the phone rang. It was Rachit, he said, ” You and Ridhi be ready I’ll reach home in another half an hour, few of my college friends are catching up tonight. Rashi told him that their daughter, Ridhi was not feeling well and she slept so she won’t be able to accompany him. Rachit said, “Oh! then i’ll come home I’ll meet them some other time.” Rashi tried to convince him to go as it has been a long time since he met them and more than that he needed a break from all the stress at office. After sometime Rachit agreed. He came home, changed, hugged and kissed Rashi and Ridhi and left saying “I love you”.

He looked happy, Rashi smiled thinking it would be great if he gets some time with his friends without family as everyone needs to have a little break from family too and talk stuff apart from usual household topics and future planning.

She made herself dinner and watched television. She never disturbs Rachit when he is out with his friends as she herself doesn’t like to attend phone calls when she is out to have fun. Four hours passed and it was getting very late so she decided to give him a call just to be sure if he is fine and to know when he is coming back as she was feeling sleepy.He told her that he’ll be there in 15 minutes. She hung up saying “I’ll be waiting dear”.

Her eyes visited the clock again and again, an hour had already passed. Maybe goodbyes took a little longer, happens with friends, she thought. She finished all the petty chores she was left with. Bell rang, she jumped out of bed happily to open the door. As she opened the door her eyes didn’t believe what they just saw and spontaneously held Rachit’s arm. Rachit was drunk. It wasn’t like he never drank, he was an occasional and moderate drinker but never came home like that. She made him sit and took his belongings to keep on the table. Rachit rushed to the washroom to puke. He was feeling sick. Rashi maintained her calm and helped him with all the mess then made him lie on the bed. The first thing Rachit said was “I am Sorry Rashi” and he kept it saying again and again. She was very upset with this act of his but cooled herself as it was not the time to show her anger and decided to do it in morning when he would be in his sober mind. As she sat with him on the bed and put her hand on his forehead with love he said “Sorry” again. Rashi was puzzled now and asked him what was he sorry for. He started speaking his mind in his drunk weak voice “Sorry Jaan, I should not have drunk so much”. “Hmmm” came the reply. “I am sorry for putting you to work again now to take care of me after whole day of your work”. Rashi didn’t reply this time. She asked “then why did you drink so much?”

“I actually didn’t want to drink to this level and you also know I never do but I was feeling so frustrated from inside that I didn’t know when did I gulped all of it while talking to my friends. I became a coward to come out of there and face the routine life again and wanted to seize the time.” Rashi was surprised by the use of word “Frustrated”. She just kept listening as he poured his heart out that he might forget the next morning.

“I am very stressed out and feel suffocated and please don’t feel it is because of you or Ridhi, it’s the Life. You know how easy-going and relaxed I was, right? Friends, movies, buying every gadget that was launched in the market, travelling, thinking freely”, said his trembling drunk voice. “Now I feel life has changed too fast that I didn’t get time to change myself with it and it suffocates me when I have to plan every expense and think about future. You don’t take it to your heart sweetheart it’s not you but life that is troubling me. I love you and Ridhi to pieces.”

Rashi kept listening to his feelings that were coming out as words that she had never heard. Her eyes glued to his and tears in her eyes. She knew that he might even forget whatever he was saying that time, still she chose to let him talk as these feelings have never come out like this and were always hidden behind that charming smile she fell in love with every single day. Her anger evaporated and her sleep escaped somewhere in that thoughtful environment. Tons of thoughts took it’s place. He spoke for nearly half an hour all that was buckled up inside him about his expectations, office, wish to travel the world with her,wanting to have a collection of watches and gadgets, and a lot more that would not have ever come out if he was in his senses as he has never let sadness come on Rashi’s face and didn’t want to by telling all this. Rashi had already thought of talking to him about the drinking part that disturbed her a lot in the morning but she never knew she would get to see a new Rachit behind this drunk honest chap. As he dozed off saying sorry again Rashi was lost in a pool of thoughts.

She always thought her life changed after marriage and baby but this never even occurred to her that his husband’s life has also changed drastically. He now has responsibilities on him that he can never afford to forget before doing anything. She could see herself taking care of him, making him dinner,telling him what new Ridhi did, but then complaining about the everyday chores, the maid, the neighbors, how she could not sleep as the baby kept her occupied, etc, and she could see her husband coming home and kissing on her forehead with a smile, looking for Ridhi to play with her, just saying “I’m a little tired”, never talking about how they were torturing him at the office, he just could not tell all this as he knew Rashi only has him to talk to after the whole day and he could never see her upset or in tension after telling about how he spent all day and night. He wanted to be the best husband and best father and trying to make that happen he was somewhere losing himself. He was pressurized by the society, responsibilities, his love for his wife and daughter and FUTURE. He was becoming another man running in this race of life in contrary to the fun loving guy who managed himself well with a very less salary also, who enjoyed everything without even being a miser, who lived at life as “Today is the day to live, stop thinking about tomorrow”.

Rashi felt a little guilty though she was not sure why. She wanted to see the Rachit she knew earlier. She didn’t know what to do. She kept awake thinking for a solution but with no success. The rays of sun peeped through her curtains and another same day began with the cry of her baby….

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Desert That Left Him Frozen

He looked for a water bottle in his bag as he fell down gasping for breath. He was lucky enough to have around two sips of water in there. That little water melted away the dryness in his throat that was making difficult for him to breathe. Standing in between the whole vast desert and looking all around him,  he realised that he was lost. The world seemed never ending from that spot. He wanted to cry but could not afford to waste the water in his body that moment. 

Eyes turning red, skin burning with the heat, he had nowhere to go and nothing to cover himself with. His feet were filled with sand that was finding even the tiniest of space between his toes. Water!! He saw a pool of water. He ran towards it struggling not to get stuck in that sinking desert. Kept walking towards it. Alas!  It was a mirage. He wanted to shout and cry loud for the Almighty to listen to his misery. 

Suddenly the sand started to engulf him in. He felt helpless and cried for help but who would even listen to his feeble voice that was yearning for a little water. The desert was eating him up, only his head left above the sand. 

A loud shout and he woke up holding his blanket tight. Realizing the air condition not working and sweat all over his face and his throat so dry that even his saliva won’t slide down.

Oh it was a dream! He sighed with relief. His hand went up his forehead to wipe the sweat and there it was, sand in his hands and clothes that left him frozen. 

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Not Just Another Day

She asked him to come home early like always, he smiled, kissed her forehead and left for work.

Its a special day today and not just another day that passes just like sand in the hand. She wants this day to pass slowly so she can make it more special for him.

She cleans the house singing along, she hates doing dishes but did them dancing along the tune she hummed. Kept white lilies besides his chair. She made her home feel fresh as the morning dew.

The clock struck six and she ran inside to change and dress up for her man.

Beautiful dress that kissed the floor with flowers blossoming all over her body. Open hair with loose curls, pretty red lipstick on her full lips like petals of a youthful rose. A hint of fragrance to tease his senses. She was all ready to welcome him home.

Doorbell rang. A smile ran on her face showing her not-so-perfect teeth. She opened the door and he just stood in amazement. She looked exactly the same when he asked her to marry him. All he could do was smile and kiss her with all the love that was gushing through his body that moment. Then she made him a coffee as he liked- strong, black, with one sugar cube.

That kiss left a mild smile on her face as this was the revival of the love she thought was fading through the years. Her beauty made him realize maybe he didn’t notice her for quite sometime.

The air smelled of lilies and her perfume that had caught his attention again after all these years. She was wearing the pearl necklace he gifted her with his first saving. Every effort she made was being noticed .

He played soft music and grabbed her by her waist and they both laughed and danced like never before.

He kissed her hand and made her sit, poured wine in glasses and they proposed a toast in honor of their togetherness of Fifty Years. They both smiled with wrinkled faces that showed the divine carving of time. Their love and care kept them together and everything felt fresh as fifty years ago when they were just innocent little faces.

The evening embraced this young couple with a light drizzle that brought another bunch of memories with it. And they just sat all night holding hands living all the moments they thought were long lost.

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Rain that made me cry

a96cc28b78838e43fe4126a7d2660c36It was a Saturday afternoon, a lazy one to be precise.  Sky full of black clouds that gave me a very obvious hint- it is going to rain today. I am a rain lover since I was a child. Going out to get wet in the first rain with my siblings was like a tradition we kids had followed every year till we all seperated for our studies or jobs.

That day, I made up my mind I will go out and get wet as it will be the first rain of this season and I haven’t followed my self-made pact since five years or so. Kicking away my laziness i finished all my work and was ready to welcome the showers.

My baby was sleeping so I had a little more time in my hand before it started to rain. I wished my husband was at home so I could go along with him to enjoy. Or I could ask him to take care of the baby till I enjoy this little wish of mine. Anyway,  none of this could happen as no one was at home. I decided to make myself a strong ginger tea to compliment the weather mood.

I sat down beside the window with the tea cup in my hands sipping and waiting for the clouds to pour. There is a huge mango tree beside the next building that is visible from my window. I could see a parrot couple eating a mango turn by turn. They come on that tree everyday but that day maybe they knew that it might be the last time they’ll be eating this mango as the monsoon might start and then there’ll be no more mangoes for them. They looked beautiful together. I finished my delicious tea looking at them. Why is the rain taking so long!! I thought to myself.
As I came back from the kitchen after washing my empty cup it started to drizzle. A big smile took over the poker face I carried. I could not help but be excited as a kid I once was- carefree and full of life. A kid who knew no boundaries or restrictions, just knew how to enjoy life. I had to stop thinking and sneak out keeping an eye on the baby.

As i opened the door there started a loud cry! Oh Dear Lord! Didn’t expect that to happen at that moment. I tried making him sleep again with a lot of patience, my eyes fixed at the drizzle turning into beautiful heavy rain, sitting behind that door i coudnt cross. He just wouldn’t sleep but cried at the top of his voice. Mother in me was worried to soothe him as soon as possible but the kid in me was missing on the first rain. My brain asked me to concentrate on my little one and so I obeyed. I closed the curtains and sat down to breastfeed him. This little human was so hungry that he didn’t leave me for the next half an hour. Now it was I who was crying,  tears started rolling down my cheeks. I cried as I could not fulfil such a small wish of mine. I felt a little stupid for crying for such a petty thing. It was my first rain after I became a mother. It was after so long that I wanted to be kiddish. But I guess I am grown up now and these things should not matter, this thought rushed in to stop crying. But I wanted to get drenched in this rain. I wanted to soak in the coolness of the water after all the tiresome days I was spending taking care of my little cutie pie. There was my brain full of positive and negative thoughts.

I wiped my tears and looked down at the baby and there was this tiny face looking at me. That moment I felt it was the most beautiful thing I have witnessed lately. I forgot the previous sad moments for  while and looked at the pretty little face yearning for my love. Something shook inside me.

I picked up my baby, opened the curtains. Covered him with a blanket, caught hold of an umbrella and stepped out to enjoy The First Rain with my lovely friend.
I guess that was the best rain for me as my little one smiled for the first time under that umbrella hugging his mother with closed eyes. That day a memory was etched in my mind for lifetime.